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Vapur had the unique opportunity to participate in the Orange County Water District’s annual Children’s Water Education Festival. Over 14 years, they’ve educated about 80,000 elementary school children about water, conservation and the environment. This year, about 10,000 kids participated in the activities.

We previewed a portion of the documentary movie Tapped and let the kids try on a suit constructed of single-use water bottles. All in the name of learning and fun!

Read the story that appeared in the Orange County Register.

In addition to the Register, the Festival was covered by ABC, CBS/KCAL, Garden Grove TV 3 and a National Geographic educational website.

The folks at Corporate Accountability International have spent months collaborating with Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project to create a short animated film exposing the abuses of the bottled water industry.
And today — World Water Day — they are releasing The Story of Bottled Water to the world!

The Story of Stuff has a track record of producing films that get seen. Their first film has now been viewed by more than seven million people and The Story of Bottled Water promises to reach just as many… if not more!
They are asking for our help to share this video with the world! Each post is a step closer to getting the full truth out about the harms of water bottling and its impact on our water supply.
Please share this video and help educate the masses!

Sunset Magazine: A Foldable Water Bottle

Sunset Magazine

Aaron Dalton, editor of, offers hands-on reviews of some of the greenest, most eco-friendly consumer products on the market today. Thanks Aaron for including us on your show!

Aaron Dalton