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Anti-Bottle meets increasing consumer demand for affordable, convenient and eco-friendly options to disposable plastic bottles.

February 22, 2010

(Toronto, ON) – The water bottle is back with an environmental-vengeance with the launch of Vapur’s revolutionary Anti-Bottle in Canada. With nearly 200 billion plastic bottles used globally, Vapur addresses a growing issue and helps eliminate the tremendous amount of plastic bottle waste headed to landfills every year. Unlike traditional rigid bottles, Vapur’s Anti Bottle is flexible, stands upright when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty, easily fitting into purses, briefcases and even pockets.

Distributed exclusively in Canada by The Tate Group, the innovative design of the Vapur Anti-Bottle maximizes space when empty and can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid when full. The highly durable bottle is freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free (Bisphenol A), which means it can be safely reused again and again.

From design and manufacturing, to shipping and distribution, right through to consumer use, the environment is considered throughout each step of the Vapur life cycle. The packaging is made from recycled paperboard and is printed with soy ink, using wind power for the printing process. Manufactured in the United States, Vapur is lightweight and ships flat, providing dual environmental benefits – up to 5 times more bottles per shipment container means fewer trucks on the road, lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions.

About The Tate Group
The Tate Group is an award winning Canadian distributor of innovative and functional design-based gifts and accessories. Originally a manufacturer of contemporary placemats, coasters and bags, The Tate Group has grown to become a distributor of unique gifts for more than 30 product lines, sourced from around the world. For more information, visit www.thetategroup.com

About Vapur, Inc.
Founded in 2009, Vapur, Inc. is led by Jason Carignan, David Czerwinski, and Brent Reinke, a passionate team of professionals from all walks of life who have set out to design innovative products that empower people to make a difference. For more information on Vapur, visit www.vapur.us.



Eco-Message in a Bottle: New Vapur Anti-Bottle Unfolds and Unrolls in Canada

  • February 22nd, 2010
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Drink Up

Altitude plus exertion equals dehydration. But lugging a metal or plastic bottle up the hill is a hassle. And disposable water bottles aren’t the answer-up to 60 million a day end up in landfills. The new Vapur Anti-Bottle ($9) is a nice solution. The reusable bottle stands upright when full and can be folded away in your pocket when empty. Made from BPA-free plastic, it’s super light-weight, freezable, dishwasher safe and holds 16 ounces.

Ski Magazine

Vapur is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Teens in Tech Conference being held at Google this Saturday. The conference is co-chaired by Sam Levin and Daniel Brusilovsky.  Daniel, the founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Networks is also a TechCrunch writer, marketing manager for mobile-video startup Qik, and only 17 years old!  Hear from other teen entrepreneurs just like Daniel at this year’s conference!

Visit the Teens In Tech website for a detailed timeline, a listing of speakers, more information on the sponsors, and to watch the conference live!


Everyone attending this year’s Teens in Tech Conference will be receiving a Rickshaw bag filled with goodies- including a Vapur bottle!

Teens in Tech 2.0

Vapur was featured in the Product Innovation Section of GDR’s Global Innovation Report! The feature is posted below.

“The Vapur Anti-bottle is an eco-friendly reusable bottle that can be folded or flattened when empty, allowing it to slot into pockets and bags. The durable bottle can be continually reused and is designed to withstand everyday usage and washing. It can also be frozen and used as an ice-pack. A small label allows the bottle to be personalized with the user’s name, while a clip can be used to attach it to the inside of a bag. Shipped in flattened form, the bottles require less space and fuel to transport than rigid drinking bottles. For each truck of Vapur bottles, it would take nine trucks to delivery the same quantity of regular bottles. In addition, Vapur shipping boxes are made from recycled paper board and printed with soy in, using a wind-powerred printing process. The 16oz bottles are available online, priced at  $8.95 each, or $29.95 for a four-pack.”

GDR Intelligence Report