November, 2009 Archives Reusable water bottle flattens & folds when empty

To reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, consumers are encouraged to buy reusable bottles. Since those can be bulky to carry along, a company in Thousand Oaks, California designed an alternative. [READ MORE]


On November 7 & 8, the Vapur team attended this year’s Opportunity Green conference at UCLA. This global sustainability conference was chock-full of innovative ideas and a shared passion for change. The day began with a riveting show from famed photographer Chris Jordan, who vividly illustrates the scale of our trash and captured thousands of dead albatrosses on Midway Island in the Gyre . Annie Leonard shared the story behind her critique of American consumerism, the Story of Stuff. We even heard advertising change agents who are transforming the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference on Dec 7, 2010 into a global campaign for hope via Hopenhagen.

Read the the Los Angeles Times article about the conference, featuring our friend Kevin Krohner for IOS Technologies. We first wrote about the conference here.

Poster at the event.

Our Co-Founder, Jason Carignan explaining the evils of bottled water.

Conference organizers Karen Solomon and Mike Flynn.

Vapur was recently featured in the National Health & Wellness Club’s Healthy Bite newsletter. Their review is posted below:

“Finding a glass of water can be treacherous when you’re holiday shopping at the mall. The food court is a sensory landmine—the sweet smell of cinnamon, the sparkling pop-pop-pop of grease in the French fryer, the colorful candies at Mr. Bulky—it takes an iron will to resist.

Good thing you brought along your handy Vapur water bottle. Full, it holds 16 ounces of water. Empty, Vapur folds flat and rolls up to fit into your pocket or purse. You can take it with you everywhere. All you need is a tap, and you’re ready to rehydrate—without a trip to the food court.

And, at only $8.95, it makes a great green gift. Get one for everyone on your list and you could avoid the mall entirely. It’s the path of least resistance.”

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Roll Away Temptation

We have always loved the international trendspotting site – now we have one more reason! Vapur was featured this week and the response have been tremendous.

In case you’ve never checked out the site, you’ll find thousands of the latest design and product trends from around the world. We read their newsletters religiously which remain an inspiration for all that Vapur is setting out to do.