The Vapur® Artist Series was launched to inspire and celebrate the creative expression of artists around the world. Beginning with an international competition, we invited emerging artists to design on our unique canvas, the Vapur Anti-Bottle®. Submissions were reviewed by an online creative community and three winning designs were curated by an esteemed panel of judges. These limited edition bottles are only available for a short time.

Learn more about the competition on the Vapur trail.

Meet the Artists

Artist: Marcel Weik
Alias: Pommes
Country: Germany
Age: 31
Design: Aqua Libre

From broken, expensive graphic skateboard decks, Marcel Weik discovered a passion for design. An empty wallet prompted Weik to start creating his own boards and t-shirts with aerosol cans and stencils. This hobby soon turned into inspiration for a new career as a graphic artist. Weik is currently working as a designer in Germany, and finishing his master's degree in design and marketing.

Artist: Waqar Hassan Syed
Alias: Lugos
Country: Pakistan
Age: 24
Design: Shark Bait

Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, Waqar Hassan Syed earned his degree in fashion and textile design. While working as the Creative Designer for the National Monument Museum of Pakistan, Syed was asked to design promotional materials. It was this move that sparked his interest and eventually led him into a career as a graphic artist. Syed is now a freelance designer, providing branding services for startups and established corporations.

Artist: David Herbst
Alias: Vectorspecies
Country: Germany
Age: 25
Design: Bottle Dwellers

German native, David Herbst received his education in design, specializing in GTA Screen Design. After receiving his degree, Herbst trained as a technical design assistant. Herbst also spent several years as a freelance artist, working in both graphic and media design. During this time, he generated his creations under the alias, "Vectorspecies". Now, Herbst is a designer at a web agency in Leipzig, Germany.